Monday, 16 June 2014

When I fell in love with a man in a kilt!

One of the questions Diana Gabaldon is asked constantly (the woman's patience never ceases to amaze me) is why Scotland and why kilts? Putting aside the whole Dr. Who explanation most people can appreaciate the beauty of a man in a kilt but don't remember when they fell in love with the idea of naked bits open to the elements!  I on the other hand remember exactly when I realized the advantage of a man wearing a kilt in the traditional Scottish way!  Rather than give details I'll pass you over to Liam Neeson and Jessica Lang in Rob Roy  

  • The interesting part is at the end.
  • Yes I did notice the stones.
  • Yes I did think the scene ended too soon. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Written In My Own Heart's Blood Review - NO SPOILERS!

I finished reading Diana Gabaldon's latest book the other day and can honestly say that it's the best in the series so far! I'm not just saying that because I've been waiting in anticipation for it for four years but because everything about it is so well written and well planned out.  I absolutely loved Cross Stitch (Outlander) but with twenty odd years down the line if Diana had been as experienced then as she is now I imagine the book would have been outstanding!  Her writing ability has improved by leaps and bounds since she started as an author and as Cross Stitch was an amazing book that's saying a lot about Written in My Own Heart's Blood

From the moment I started reading I was once again in the "Outlander World" with little or no adjustments needed. It was as if I'd never left and I loved it so much I stayed up until 3am on the 10th before realizing I'd read the same line three times.  After the release of Echo in the Bone there was a lot of griping from fans who didn't like the way the book ended on multiple cliffhangers, personally I didn't mind but I did feel that Written In My Own Heart's Blood was a much more satisfactory ending and won't leave fans quite as upset and it's predesessor. 

In true Gabaldon style the book was a mixture of every emotion known to man and was exciting, humerous and emotional in equal measures. I'm not the kind of person who cries when reading books but I found myself with tears in my eyes on three separate occassions. Leaving me both emotional and excited whilst reaching for the biscuits tin as a way to deal with the stress. In fact there are numerous points in the book when I had to put my Kindle down and pace to calm myself down and pass the kitchen for comfort food. (No I'm not blamind Diana for me putting weight on!). 

Everyone I've spoken to absolutely loves the book and there is little wonder because it reaches the parts that other books can't possibly reach! I would love to discuss the ins and outs of the plot and the wonderful characterizations but as the book as only been released for a few days it's unfair to spoil anything for Outlander fans who haven't been able to read it yet!   Don't delay though because you are truly missing a great piece of fiction! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Latest Outlander Trailer With Cast Interviews