Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fergus Casting : A blast from the past!

Time passes quickly in internet world and I can't believe it's almost 5 years since I made this Fergus Fraser casting video on Youtube! Looking back at it a lot has changed and I'm certain that none of my "finalists" will be chosen. I have to admit that I still love the idea of Aiden Turner playing Fergus but I'm fairly sure he's tied up with being the delectable Ross Poldark for the foreseeable future (I'm actually really happy about that!). 

I love the casting of Romann Berrux for the young Fergus/Claudel and I suppose we will have to look for a more grown up version of him for the adult Fergus Fraser.  

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Official Outlander Store At Zazzle!

The latest brands store on Zazzle is an official Outlander store selling some absolutely fantastic Outlander Merchandise! I'm so excited I feel as if I'm hyperventilating!

Here are just some of the amazing Outlander goodies ...

The Best of Outlander Season One

I have found this really great Youtube video which summerises the first season of Outlander in just 6 minutes. It's a great reminder of what happend and can only build up the excitement for season 2 when we see our favourite characters in France! I can't wait for the new episodes and hope everyone else is looking forward to it as well. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Create Your Own Outlander Merchandise!

We were all excited when Zazzle started their own Outlander Fan Merch Store with their official merchandise but it was also upsetting that all their previous fan made Outlander merchandise had been removed for copyright reasons!

However, all is not lost because Zazzle have opened up the floodgates to allow fans to resubmit their Outlander designs and create new ones as well! There are some terms and conditions as to what can be added onto designs and we can't design on every single product but I'm really looking forward to what we (as fans) can come up with! 

Let's get the creative juices flowing ...

Monday, 26 October 2015

Waiting for Roger MacKenzie?

When it was first announced that Outlander was going to finally become a TV series we were all waiting in anticipation for the announcement of who would play Jamie and the vast majority of us were highly delighted when the little known Sam Heughan was given the role.  There were the expected moans and groans from some people but it appears that when picking male actors they really know what they are doing!

However, filming for the second series is well under way and there is still no real mention of the casting of my second favourite male, Roger Wakefield MacKenzie!  I'll be honest and say that I'm getting worried! Have they found someone and are keeping him a secret or are they struggling to find someone who is suitable? 

Looking at some old posts in this blog I found this post called Roger MacKenzie in the Flesh where I picked a few actors who I thought would be good for the role.  Well I haven't changed my mind but logistically some of them are tied up for a while with other projects. Aiden Turner would be a wonderful choice but he's playing dashing Ross Poldark for the next couple of years and Christian Bale is far too important now to do a lowly TV show!