Monday, 16 June 2014

When I fell in love with a man in a kilt!

One of the questions Diana Gabaldon is asked constantly (the woman's patience never ceases to amaze me) is why Scotland and why kilts? Putting aside the whole Dr. Who explanation most people can appreaciate the beauty of a man in a kilt but don't remember when they fell in love with the idea of naked bits open to the elements!  I on the other hand remember exactly when I realized the advantage of a man wearing a kilt in the traditional Scottish way!  Rather than give details I'll pass you over to Liam Neeson and Jessica Lang in Rob Roy  

  • The interesting part is at the end.
  • Yes I did notice the stones.
  • Yes I did think the scene ended too soon. 


Anonymous said...

That is the beauty of the kilt.

ellec said...

Well I think that clip sums up my feelings about men in kilts as well :)

Shari Lynne said...

In all fairness, she likes to tell that story (what's so fetching about a man in a kilt?) because she's worked it into every presentation she's done that's been posted on youtube.