Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Claire Speculation!

The speculation regarding the casting of Claire Beauchamp Fraser Beauchamp Fraser Grey Fraser (see what I did there?) is driving most Outlander fans crazy!  The internet is rife with speculation to the point that whenever Sam Heughan (aka @Heughan) followers anyone, tweets anyone or even briefly mentions anyone the Twittersphere is suddenly rife with questions. I would feel sorry for him but I'm fairly sure he enjoys teasing everyone!

I came to a conclusion recently that I honestly don't care who plays Claire! Don't get me wrong I want someone who is going to be amazing but the truth is that I now have complete faith in the casting crew.  The casting of both Sam and Tobias is everything I could have wished for and I'm confident that I won't be disappointed in the actors they chose for the remaining characters.  Sam has already become the Jamie I see when I'm re-reading the books which goes to show just how perfect he is for the part. That isn't to say that my mental image of Jamie has really altered but I can now put finer details onto his face ... especially when he has that cheeky smile! 

I'm guessing that we'll hear some news on Monday! That's my prediction anyway! 


Skyla Makay said...

I like all the last names, but Beauchamp was her maiden name. So it would be Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser Randall Fraser Grey Fraser.

Skyla Makay said...

Also, I love this post! Totally agree that they will find someone great!

Mrs Cookie said...

Ooops! I stuck an extra "Beauchamp Fraser" in there by mistake!