Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Gerard Butler ... Is he really Jamie Fraser material?

Let's face it no one is going to be perfect to play our beloved Jamie Fraser! There is no one who is that PERFECT! Even if anyone came close to that amount of perfection it would be very unlikely that he was an actor into the bargin!

There have been many actors who have been considered for the role by Diana's legion of fans and whilst some could probably manage to do a decent job of portraying the great hunky red head, I haven't come across anyone who I think is good enough! Maybe it's the same as when you are finding an ideal partner for your son or daughter ... no matter what anyone says no one will be good enough for them!

One of the more popular choices is Gerard Butler. I have to admit that ever since I saw the film Timeline he is the person I imagine whilst reading the books. I've also seen him in other films when he was younger and looked much more "Jamie like".

Good Points:
He won't need any voice coaching as he already has the accent because of the fact that he is a true Scot, not a highlander I admit but I'm sure he's happy to "do" the accent. He is physically fairly tall and hunky without being too muscle bound and he is a really good actor when given a decent part to play. He is overall a VERY attractive man and would certainly have the stage presence to be a convincing Jamie.

Bad Points

The problem with a brunette playing Jamie is that although a wig or hair dye will change his hair colour, his skin tone isn't really pale enough and the finished effect may be a little weird. His overall appearance is very sexual and you will never manage to persuade anyone he is a virgin no matter how good an actor he is. Although he isn't yet 40 really does look his age and no amount of makeup could cover the fact that he isn't 23 years old.

However, Jamie is only a  young man in the first two books and if the movie people decide to use a different actor for any later movies (not that I really think that is a good idea!) Gerard Butler would be my idea Jamie Fraser! On the other hand I think he would be an ideal candidate for playing Dougal ... I don't really care to be perfectly honest as long as he's in it somewhere!

***************** CONTAINS SPOILERS **********

If you haven't already seen the film Timeline you are seriously missing out on a great movie. What more could a Diana Gabaldon fan want? It has Gerard Butler,  time travel and a fiesty heroine by the name of Claire! (It sends goose bumps down my arms each time Gerry Butler says "Lady Claire")


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I just found out your new blog and I love it. Gerard Butler would be a solid choice, but I think (as you said) that a) he is a little bit too old and b) brunette. BUT he is scottish! :-)
Greetings from Germany!

Anonymous said...

Fame and fortune has caused GB to look rather dissipated these days. I discovered GB in the second Laura Croft movie and loved in Timeline.

I would prefer Richard Armitage. I think RA has the acting range to do the range of emotions that Jamie displayed in the books. Naivete and openness (Richard's role in Sparkhouse and train scene in North & South). RA displays the tortured hero well (Guy of Gisborne) -- and can picture that with his scenes with Jack Randall.

Many want to cast RA as Frank/Jack but I want him to be the hero.

The coloring might not be there, but there were scenes in North & South where I don't think his real hair color is black.

And he looks younger than 40 compared to Butler.


Mrs Cookie said...

I agree to a certain extent Maggie! I've always thought that if Richard Armitage played BJR it would be very difficult to get a better looking actor to play Jamie. We can't have everyone drooling over the bad guy can we?

I would be worried about turning him into a realistic red head though.


Anonymous said...

I do agree about the coloring issue, but seeing him in Spooks 8 now, I swear that some scenes show his eyebrows with red tones! LOL

RA has such screen presence now, he would overshadow anyone playing Jamie. Look at him as Guy of Gisborne....overshadowed Robin Hood and had great chemistry with Marion(perhaps that is why Jonas Armstrong quit! :0)

We can only wish that Outlander will be made before the next millenium! Would love to have Sandy Welch (North & South) /BBC adapt it!


Jules@OneBookShy said...

GB is quite yummy. I could definitely see him as the older version.

Timeline was/is one of my favorite movies. It was very under appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for discussing Timeline in your blog. Based on your recommendation, I bought it and watched it yesterday. Watching a Scot fight with a sword definitely gave me an Outlander fix!

Aunt Kristin_Texas said...

Great post! Gerry most definitely possesses THE SPIRIT of Jamie. The magnetism, the humor, the passion, the love for Scotland... fantastic kisser! And he is so convincing with a sword in those historical films. There is nothing 'the pansy' about this guy. Lol! (This Jamie List could go on forever).

It's like he's Jamie Fraser incarnate, 21st century style. :p (Have you ever read Karen Marie Moning's Fever series? I also see Gerry as Barrons. It's that sexual charisma and energy).

I loved Timeline as well. Such a romantic story. I also love it when he says "Lady Claire." Le Sigh....


Anonymous said...

Oh, Gerald Butler is Jamie.
He has a self deprecating charm about him that comes out in all his movies (do yourselves a favour a see Beowulf & Grendel if you like him with sword). And he also has a fearless protective streak.
I see him and hear him whilst reading Outlander - might be why I've read them so often !
Is it just me, or has it gotten a little warmer in here......?!?