Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pre-order Written In My Own Heart's Blood

In theory this should be an amazing post but given the fact that Diana hasn't even finished writing the latest Outlander book I guess Amazon is being a little over enthusiastic with giving a release date of 10th December 2013.  If it's ready by then that's excellent but it's unlikely as it's been claimed that Amazon pull these things out of mid air!  We won't know the actual release date until it's officially announced. 

However Amazon do seem to be taking pre-orders for
Written in My Own Heart's Bloodso I for one am getting more and more excited about the prospect of getting my hands on a copy ... or more likely getting it downloaded onto my Kindle! What does strike me as great though is the artwork on the cover. It's simple and straightforward but really effective at the same time.  I love it! 

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