Friday, 19 October 2012

If I Were The Outlander Casting Director ...

... I would want to audition these potential Dougal MacKenzie candidates! Honestly can you blame me?

Dougray Scott 

I do seem to think that Dougray Scott is a little old to play our Dougal at 47 but he has the added advantage of actually being Scottish! He has that rakish charm of a player and the sly streak would be easy for him to portray with those cat like eyes.  

I fell in lust with this actor when I saw him many years ago as the slightly dippy Prince Henry in the Cinderella knock off Ever After with Drew Barrymore. 

Joe Manganiello

Today I had an epithany! Someone on Pinterest make the comment that Joe Manganiello would make a good candidate for Dougal and to be honest it isn't something that I had even considered.  

After much deliberation I realized that the main reason I hadn't given him much thought is that there are few photographs of him when he isn't bare chested. Don't get me wrong I adore his chest but it does seem to take the emphasis off his face somehow!  He may not be auburn but I'm willing to sacrifice that point.  Are there any scenes in Outlander when Dougal has his shirt off? If not there should be.

   Gerard Butler

 Associating Gerard Butler with the Outlander TV series is becoming a little cliche don't you think? In the early days he was a contender for playing Jamie Fraser but as time progresses it's becoming more and more unrealistic due to his age and ... well ... due to the fact that he looks nothing like Jamie at all!  Don't get me wrong I have a huge soft spot for Gerry but to paraphrase a great woman "he ain't no 23 year old virgin and make up can only do so much"!

I do however think he would be a good candidate for Dougal because not only does he have the obvious advantage of being Scottish but he can really act when given the right part.  


Friday, 12 October 2012

Beware the Green Eyed Witch!

There are many characters in the Outlander series who make me feel a little uneasy and make me want to look over my shoulder ... just in case. The most obvious one of course is Jack Randall and his sadistic nature quickly followed by Stephen Bonnet and his complete lack of morals but none are quite so disturbing as Gellis Duncan! To be honest I think the reason she makes me feel so uncomfortable is the fact that it isn't obvious that she's a total whack job until you really get to know her. 

 The  chances of getting to see a "real life" version of our favourite character is becoming closer and closer and somehow choosing an actress to play Gellis is quite hard.  The photograph above is of British actress Samantha Womack who is best known for her work on the soap Eastenders.  She hasn't got green eyes but that contact lenses would aid the transformation.