Thursday, 3 November 2011

Do you want to start reading Scottish Prisoner Now?

As I'm writing this there are only 25 days to go until the release of Diana Gabaldon's newest book "The Scottish Prisoner"!  It has come to my notice via My Outlander Purgatory that Random House has released the first 19 pages of the book onliine as a kind of preview.

Now I have been very strong and resisted reading any further spoilers over the last few weeks as I "thought" I could wait until the end of the month but I'm afraid I'm about to resort to loosing my willpower!  I've not actually read the whole excerpt just yet but I think most of it has already been made public with various spoilers which Diana has shared since she began writing it. Somehow it's more exciting when we aren't guessing what order everything comes in.

Happy Reading!

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