Monday, 6 June 2011

I Want Christian Bale In Outlander!

I'm not exactly what you would call a Balehead but I can appreciate the utter manliness that is Christian Bale.  He has a classcally handsome face and a sex appeal which leaves you wanting more but that isn't really why I want him in the potential Outlander movie or mini-series.

I want him because he is the one actor that you know will give 110% into any role he plays and go to great lengths to get it perfect.  He has stunned the movie world with his shear dedication by going as far as putting his own health at risk to physically look the part and his recent oscar for The Fighter was well won and well overdue in my opinion.

Initially I had him down as playing Roger but with hindsight I don't think that his face is quite right. In my mind Roger has a "friendlier" look about him whereas Christian Bales features are quite hard and sharp. 

 After much deliberation I actually think he would make a really good Frank/BJR. If any actor could manage to pull off the duel role it has to be a professional and dedicated Christian Bale.

A Nice Boring Frank Randall

Evil Sadistic Black Jack

Ummm ... a gratuitous shirtless photo to appreciate the body!


Julia said...

Excellent choice! He would do a great job as Frank/BJR.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I love your evil sadistic shot of BJR, but the big questions - could Bale do a British accent??

pomme said...

@Julie: Bale is british even if he lives in USA since many years

Mrs Cookie said...

Christian Bale is actually Welsh but he was raised in Bournmouth (England). He moved to the US when he was about 12 (I think).

A British accent wouldn't be a problem at all!

Alex @ The Blethering Bookworm said...

FABBY choice...*drool* But I think if he played Frank there would be a danger of me going off Jamie (shock horror - throw me out of the Outlander club hehe) what can I say I'm shallow ;)

Unless of course say Gerard Butlers yummy self played in the film too...

*drool some more*

Anhoo, love the blog!


talksupe said...

Oh, Christian Bale is my Bonnet!

The Old One said...

Nice photo of Mr. Bale, but just one wee comment about modern male actors: there seems to be a fad for hairlessness of guys in the movies nowadays. But Jamie wouldn't approve. Production people, take note: we need hairy oxters! Men and women! Thanks!

Mrs Cookie said...

The Old One - I imagine they'd have to have it written into their contract! "Must not wax or shave until filming has finished" Can you imagine the publicity if the leading lady went "au natural"?