Sunday, 29 May 2011

Young Ian?

I think that the problem most of us fans have with envsioning Young Ian is that when we met him in Voyager he was a very gawky stork like 14 year old with a fairly unremarkable face and  beautiful big eyes. What happened to that innocent little boy? In Echo he suddenly turned into some kind of Jamie junior sex god before our eyes and it is hard to remember what he looked like at 14!

Has he really changed in appearance so much? I doubt it but we've long since stopped seeing him as a child and started seeing him as a man!  It's like when you remember your friends little brother as an annoying little brat but you see him again after a few years and suddenly he's a six foot hunk with muscles in all the right places. It comes as a bit of a shock when you suddenly have to crane your neck to look him in the eyes.

Anyway, back on topic! I think one of the worse things the casting people can do is to choose an actor who is classically handsome when finding a young Ian. In my mind at least he still has some of that lanky uncomfortable teenager in him!

 Merlin actor Colin Morgan is Irish but his English accent is excellent. In fact it wasn't until seeing him in an interview that I realised that he was Irish so I'm sure he could master a Scottish accent without too much trouble.

As far as his looks go I would be lying if I said he was the kind to usually make heads turn but he has the kind of face which gives him a young vunerable appearance without him looking wimpy yet at the same time he would be able to show a ruthlessness needed for the less pleasant things that Ian has to endure.  Bodily he is tall and lanky and (at least when playing Merlin) has a slight awkwardness about him. Colin is 25 years old so I'm not sure if he would pass as a 14 year old but you would have similar issues with any actor trying to portray someone from a young age up until his mid twenties.


Randi said...

He'd certainly make my head turn - and if he can do the accent as well, I'd be positively swooning! Then again, I don't usually go for the typical Hollywood beefcake type. Those angular, slightly gawky types seem much more interesting.

Mrs Cookie said...

Glad you like him!

I agree with you. Who wants pretty boys when you can have someone with character?

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Again, a great choice for Young Ian!

Jill said...

i really like the fan art picture that used joseph gordon levitt as inspiration for ian. i think jgl could play young and older ian really well!

but i can see this guy too.

ian has definitely become my favorite character, and your description of why hit it on the spot!