Friday, 30 August 2013

Stephen Walters as Angus Mhor

My initial excitement at the news that the amazing casting company has chosen an actor to play Angus Mhor was slightly disappointing as not only have I never heard of Stephen Walters but I can't find much about him on the internet either!  He does have a long(ish) list of accomplishments but information on the man himself seems rather elusive! 

My main question is just how large is he?  Angus is obviously a very big man in the books and my mental picture has him looking something like Robbie Coltrane but judging by the images I have found of him he's a "wee little man"!  [E.T.A. He's 5'8"]

The announcement of this casting choice was made via this website and to quote the article:

"Walters will play Angus Mhor, whose role in the books was much smaller, but will be expanded for the series. Another member of Clan Mackenzie, Angus is a hard drinker who's always looking for a fight. Angus hates the Brits, so as far as he's concerned, Claire can go back to where she came from — dead or alive. Rarely seen without a bottle in his hand, Angus is nonetheless an extremely skilled fighter, and a loyal clansman, making him an asset to both Colum and Dougal."

Firstly the author has used "Brits" to refer to the English which never ceases to annoy me and secondly it worries me slightly that one of the characters is going to be altered too much.  As fans we do expect a few changes to the story because that's how adaptations work but it seems as if they are going to turn Angus into a drunken thug with a vendetta against the English and a hatred for Claire. Angus has always been a very loyal clansman whose role included punishing others at the behest of Colum and part of his "charm" was his levelheadedness and his control. The impression I get from the above quote is that levelheadedness and control are the last thing we are going to see from this new version of Angus Mhor! 

Introducing Mrs Fitz!

It's about time we had some more casting news! I'm pleased to announce that the actress chosen to play Mrs Fitz is Annette Badland! Although I didn't recognize the name she is a fairly well known face on the TV is the UK as she's been in numerous things including a few episodes of Dr Who! 

I think she's an excellent choice because she is a talented actress and has a no nonsense face but gives the impression that underneath she has a heart of gold.  I can see her really owning the part of Mrs Fitz! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Claire Speculation!

The speculation regarding the casting of Claire Beauchamp Fraser Beauchamp Fraser Grey Fraser (see what I did there?) is driving most Outlander fans crazy!  The internet is rife with speculation to the point that whenever Sam Heughan (aka @Heughan) followers anyone, tweets anyone or even briefly mentions anyone the Twittersphere is suddenly rife with questions. I would feel sorry for him but I'm fairly sure he enjoys teasing everyone!

I came to a conclusion recently that I honestly don't care who plays Claire! Don't get me wrong I want someone who is going to be amazing but the truth is that I now have complete faith in the casting crew.  The casting of both Sam and Tobias is everything I could have wished for and I'm confident that I won't be disappointed in the actors they chose for the remaining characters.  Sam has already become the Jamie I see when I'm re-reading the books which goes to show just how perfect he is for the part. That isn't to say that my mental image of Jamie has really altered but I can now put finer details onto his face ... especially when he has that cheeky smile! 

I'm guessing that we'll hear some news on Monday! That's my prediction anyway! 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Official Heughligans T-Shirts in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

The guys over at the Heughligans website have opened a brand new Zazzle store in order to not only spread the word about the amazing Sam Heughan but to raise money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research! It's a great design and hopefully selling them will raise much needed funding for those who need it! Read more about it HERE!

Sam's response on Twitter to the Shop was:

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tobias Menzies Youtube Video

Here are some stills of Tobias Menzies made into a video. He seems to be really versatile as far as his looks are concerned and I think his "evil eyes" are just perfect ... I'm really excited if you can't tell! 

Tobias Menzies Cast As Frank and Black Jack Randall

I'm probably not the only one who was expecting Starz to announce the actress who was to play Claire next so it came as a surprise today that we have news on the duel characters of Frank and Black Jack Randall! 

The lucky actor is TOBIAS MENZIES!

He's an experienced actor who has been in such things as Casino Royale, Game of Thrones, Any Human Heart and a host of other TV shows and Movies! 

It's too early for me to give an opinion as I've only just found out the news but I can see him as a 1940's history professor as well as a evil sadistic captain so my initial reaction is good! 

I'm off to scour clips on Youtube to see him in action now!