Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Space Between (Spoiler Free!)

I felt the urge to share my views on the new story in Diana Gabaldon's Trail of Fire anthology released in the UK a few days ago. My initial idea had been to read is slowly over a few days to really savour the new story but it's never been said that I'm the kind of person with lots of willpower. Whilst the first three pages were read with a degree of patience at 10 am before I set about the ironing, my Kindle refused to leave me alone and sat laughing at me on my bedside cabinet .... it kept saying "one more page" and so by 11pm I had finished the entire story!

If I were to say it was good would be an understatement because let's face it we fans wouldn't settle for anything less but in traditional Gabaldon fashion it left me pondering who? why? where? and what?  I would have read it again the next day but my Kindle was "kindlenapped" by my Mum when she found out I had downloaded a previously unread Outlander story!  It resulted it a lengthy telephone call whilst we discussed every single variable it brought up and then we went off into speculation land and came up with some really bizarre conclusions!

It's hard to give a real review without giving away too much information but like other "short" stories The Space Between ticks all the boxes and keeps you interested from the very beginning.  The story centres around Joan McKimmie (Marsali's sister) making the journey to France, accompanied by Michael Murray, in order to become a nun.  We have seen these two people briefly in Echo in the Bone but we soon learn much more about these fascinating characters. I'm really hoping that all the conflict and issues brought to light in this story are continued at a later point because I'm really interested in what happens! 

At the same time we also find out more about the Comte St Germain who has always been steeped in mystery.  I honestly thought he was going to be a nasty piece of work but I actually found myself feeling a great deal of sympathy for him and we get a glimpse into his abilities and his past. I can't wait to find out more about him in the next "big book" and as this story is set in 1778 I have a strong suspicion he'll be making an apperance in #moby i.e. the next "big book".

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Outlander TV Series News

I'm a very happy woman right now! I've just heard the news that the much awaited Outlander TV series will be developed by Starz! If you aren't sure who they are they are the company who were responsible for the Spartacus mini-series which has to be one of my favourite shows of all time!  To say I'm feeling optimistic about the final outcome of the Outlander TV series is an understatement!

This is the kind of thing we have to look forward to ... but with Scottish accents and kilts!

I have always love this particular video from Spartacus because I have always seen the late Andy Whitfield as having very "Jamielike" characteristics. He may not have been tall enough, red headed enough or Scottish enough but the way the character of Spartacus has such strength and love for his wife, the way he never gives up really reminds me of Jamie and his love for Claire.