Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Outlander TV Series News

I'm a very happy woman right now! I've just heard the news that the much awaited Outlander TV series will be developed by Starz! If you aren't sure who they are they are the company who were responsible for the Spartacus mini-series which has to be one of my favourite shows of all time!  To say I'm feeling optimistic about the final outcome of the Outlander TV series is an understatement!

This is the kind of thing we have to look forward to ... but with Scottish accents and kilts!

I have always love this particular video from Spartacus because I have always seen the late Andy Whitfield as having very "Jamielike" characteristics. He may not have been tall enough, red headed enough or Scottish enough but the way the character of Spartacus has such strength and love for his wife, the way he never gives up really reminds me of Jamie and his love for Claire.


Anonymous said...

I was VERY excited too when I saw Starz got the show as well. Spartacus is also one of my favorite shows, and Andy was wonderful. With Starz we know we'll be getting the romance AND the gritty/violence of the novels (and sex, haha.. maybe full frontal Jaime? haha).

Mrs Cookie said...

Oh my God! They certainly won't hold back on the sex and violence that's for sure!

Rinah said...

Hi! Just want to chime in and say I completely agree with you about Starz being a GREAT place for Outlander! I also love, love, love Spartacus, and Andy Whitfield really reminded me of Jamie in many of the episodes of the first season. His intensity was incredible. I truly miss him. Looking forward to seeing what Starz does with Outlander!!!

Anonymous said...

I am excited as everybody else...but Star has me more than a little worried. Look at what they did to Torchwood.... it was still good, but it wasn't Torchwood anymore.