Friday, 7 October 2011

The Red Headed Heroine

I have to admit that the only thing I've seen Rachelle Lefevre in was Twilight and whilst I thought that in general the acting was terrible as soon as I saw "Victoria" straight away I thought of Brianna.  It's a long while since I saw the movie and I wouldn't like to judge her acting skills after such a long time lapse but to me she certainly has a face which would fit for the role of Brianna if any potential Outlander movie or mini-series covered the second book.

There are a lot of very pretty red headed actresses around at the moment but I always feel that whoever plays Brianna needs to be more than just a pretty face and needs features which show Brianna's paternal heritage.  I love the strength in Rachelle's features and whilst she is very attractive she has a "don't mess with me" expression on her face in many of the shots we see of her.