Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chris Hemsworth As Jamie Fraser

I've heard the name Chris Hemsworth mentioned in relation to Jamie Fraser a lot recently and up until seeing the trailer for the Thor movie I had dismissed him as just another pretty face, a big hunky pretty face but a pretty face non the less.  As Thor his personality and cheekiness shone through in his acting so I was cautiously optomistic last night when I walked into the cinema.

Firstly, what a great movie! I just loved it and even though I'm a big superhero fan anyway the special effects and the way the whole thing was put together was as good as any Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie.  The story was really great and had quite a few unexpected twists as well as a great cameo apperance of Hawkeye and references to Ironman!  I was fairly impressed regarding how the beautiful Mr Hemsworth looked with long hair and changing him to a ginger wouldn't be that hard because he has a gingery looking beard. There is no denying that he is one beautiful looking individual.

Do I see Chris Hemsworth as Jamie Fraser?  Er ... Not as much as I'd hoped! I went in there thinking I'd be completely blown away with the likeness and that my little heart would be going pitter patter but after the first few minutes I stopped thinking about it so much and concentrated on the movie.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely against him in the role as Jamie Fraser, he could certainly do a decent job because afterall he is a great actor with so much sex appeal that it almost hurts to look at him directly. He is certainly tall enough and impressive enough to stand out in a crowd and get them ladies swooning over him (I know I would anyway!). He also has an amazingly sexy smile that let's you know that he has a secret and he's not sharing. The very fact that his character is a hardened warrior with issues is a plus point and he has the entire lovable warrior thing down to pat and can fight like a ... well God really. 

So what is the problem I hear you ask!

Firstly Jamie Fraser is not a God! (Oh I actually said that out loud! I'm sorry!) and whilst he is large and well muscled he hasn't been pumping iron for months to get into that kind of shape. Chris Hemsworth has the statue of a body builder and his muscles have muscles but where in the books does it say that Jamie is built like that? Jamie is big and muscular but it is a look built from hard work not from pumping iron.  I imagine that Chris Hemsworth could easily loose some of that bulk (it would be a shame though) but at the moment he looks less Jamie and more the incrediable Hulk.

Secondly, I'm sorry but Jamie Fraser is and never has been Australian! Whilst it wasn't always apparent in the movie Chris Hemsworth appeared to be trying to suppress his Australian accent but every so often he forgot and an Australian twang crept in. Now if he can't manage to do a basic American accent is there much chance of him mastering a Scottish accent? I think not!  

Thirdly, facially he looks nothing like Jamie Fraser. I'm sorry but no matter how pretty he is he doesn't have a long nose and his eyes, whilst catlike, are too close together. His face is also too round in shape rather than long and viking like.

Diana herself has described Chris Hemsworth as "Pug Faced" and whilst I don't completely agree with her he is certainly a long way from her version of Jamie. She has previously said that she see's him looking very similar to model Gabrial Aubrey and I'm sure you'll agree that there aren't really many similarites between the two.

However, we only have to look at some of the suggestions for the casting of Jamie to understand how so many of us see him differently so I wouldn't exactly be upset if Chris Hemsworth was the lucky actor chosen. In fact I'd be reasonably happy when you compare him to some of the other suggested actors out there. I just think that somewhere in the ether is a perfect Jamie Fraser and we just have to keep looking.

For anyone who hasn't seen the beautiful Chris Hemsworth in action ...


Karen Henry said...

If Chris Hemsworth can't manage a believable Scottish accent, well, then IMHO it doesn't matter what he looks like, he won't be credible as Jamie.

I agree with what DG said on Compuserve recently -- not about Chris H. being "pug-faced", because I'm not really sure what that means, but about the fact that all this talk about him lately seems to be a fad.

I'm still hoping for an unknown Scottish actor to play Jamie.


P.S. Check out the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Contest on my blog here.

lilmisswhatshername said...

I have yet to see Thor, and am unfamiliar with him as an actor, but I must admit, when I first saw the trailer I immediately thought the same, that he could make a good Jamie.

However I agree, an unknown Scottish actor would be amazing. Plus all the time it's a well known actor, without sounding too corny - it would never really feel like Jamie. Everyone's got their own image in their minds (Admittedly, in mine it's mostly the voice) and if they were to cast anyone we've seen in countless films before, I think I'd feel a bit cheated.

But to be honest, I can't say I'd be too disappointed if they did cast Chris Hemsworth, as long as he could attempt the accent!

Alecia Morris said...

I will always ship Jason Lewis as my pick to play Jamie Fraser. Check him out! Yum. YUUUUUM.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more with you on this article but I'm revealed you didn't mention Gerard F'ing Butler.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the fence re: Chris Hemsworth. He's big, beautiful and moves with a "warrior's grace" without seeming to notice any of the attention he ilicits. Good acting I think. That's how Jamie's described so often that I think it's a really important aspect. He doesn't have the "slightly too long nose" but I agree, if he can pull off the scottish accent, particularly with "Sassenach" I'll be hooked. As Thor, he also comes across as articulate, a leader, etc. Whoever plays Jamie needs to be able to convey the Chieftain air about themselves. I had never seen a photo of the model Gabrial Aubrey Diana spoke of and I can see that too.

Anonymous said...

Just seem the Snow White and the Huntsman trailer. Check it out. Chris Hemsworth with an Scottish accent. I thought of Jamie as soon as I saw him...

Anonymous said...

I just heard Chris Hemsworth in Snow White trailer with the scottish accent...yummy...I think he will do just for for Jamie.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Mr. Hemsworth in Snow White And The Huntsman .. he had lost a bit of the bulk and still commands the screen and all the wile using a Scottish burr .. I think he would make a fabulous Jamie able to play hardened and innocent the same.

Anonymous said...

First, Chris Hemsworth was born in New Zealand (which you can hear in his accent...don't believe everything you read on Wiki). See his official website.

But, he did spend a lot of his life in Australia, which by the way, began its life as an island prison So, it's ridiculous to think that an Aussie couldn't play a Scot in a movie. They're descended from Scots. But, I digress.

I'm not a fan of Chris Hemsworth as Jamie Fraser. CH is forever ruined for me, now that someone decided he should play Caesar (which was also a poor casting choice, if you ask me). How an Aussie should be chosen to play a Roman Emperor is probably a better question than how an Aussie could be chosen to play a Scot.