Friday, 29 April 2011

Lord John Grey And Royal Wedding Fever!

Unless you have been living under a rock you'll know that today is the wedding of Prince William and his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton, or as she is now known Duchess of Cambridge.

No matter how many people critise the royal family there is no doubt about it that us brits are good at putting on a show! There is nothing in this world which beats British pagentry and the occassion will hold a special place in British history. I'm feeling particularly patriotic right now!

Before I start talking about Lord John I just have to say something .... Yes, Prince Harry is good looking and he's ginger but he's not Jamie Fraser! Besides I remember when he was born and I've seen photo's of him growing up ... it freaks me out a bit to think of him as a potential sex God (and it makes me feel really old!)

As the British aristocracy are so much in vogue I thought this might me a good time to discuss our other favourite English aristocrat ... Lord John Grey.  I'm sure he would have been part of the festivities today if he had been a few hundred years younger and, of course, if he had been a real person.  The thing I love the most about Lord John is his dry sense of humour as I seem to thing along the same lines as he does.

Who can fill these great big boots?  Well the problem with Lord John is that there aren't that many blonde actors out there. Let's face it most actors have brown hair and even hair dye doesn't always make a realistic blonde out of a brunette.  So what do we know about Lord John? He's blonde, he's handsome, he isn't effeminate but he has "girly" eyes.

The actor Jude Law is a great choice and his physical apperance is very much how I would imagine Lord John to look. Jude also has that twinkle in his eye as if he knows some great big secret that he isn't going to share.

If I am being honest Jude is the man in my imagination when reading the books and I completely lost the plot when watching him in Sherlock Holmes because I was too busy imagining him as Lord John. He doesn't have the typical attributes that I find attractive in a man but there is just something about him that screams sex appeal and womanizer.  Not that being a womanizer is an ideal attribute when thinking of Lord John but if we are being honest Lord John hasn't always been that particular when it comes to bed partners.

Jude Law isn't the only actor that I think could be a potential Lord John though and one of the issues I have about him is that he is getting a little bit "rough around the edges" as he gets older. That doesn't make him any less attractive but does make him less likely to get away with playing a young Lord John.

The other actor I have in mind is possibly not very popular or well known but he is a natural blonde, he is in his late twenties, he can wield a sword and he has a perfect upper class English accent.
Bradley James is most famous for playing Prince Arthur in BBC's Merlin series. He is one very attractive man and although he is a little tall to play Lord John he has a boyish innoence even whilst being a hardened warrior.  His personality shines through his acting and ... to be honest  think I have a little bit of a boy crush on him!

The video below of Bradley James shows him in a few different guises but they are all pretty! Please don't disrespect the music ... it used to be my favourite song when I was about 14!


Karen Henry said...

Diana has said Jude Law is pretty close to her mental image of Lord John. For the younger Lord John (say, as he was in BOTB), I like Dan Stevens, from "Downton Abbey". Look here.


Mrs Cookie said...

I haven't seen Downtown Abbey yet but Dan Stevens looks like a good choice.

Well spotted!

Anonymous said...

Rupert Penry-Jones would be Fantastic in this role - Everything he has been in has been terrific.