Monday, 26 October 2015

Waiting for Roger MacKenzie?

When it was first announced that Outlander was going to finally become a TV series we were all waiting in anticipation for the announcement of who would play Jamie and the vast majority of us were highly delighted when the little known Sam Heughan was given the role.  There were the expected moans and groans from some people but it appears that when picking male actors they really know what they are doing!

However, filming for the second series is well under way and there is still no real mention of the casting of my second favourite male, Roger Wakefield MacKenzie!  I'll be honest and say that I'm getting worried! Have they found someone and are keeping him a secret or are they struggling to find someone who is suitable? 

Looking at some old posts in this blog I found this post called Roger MacKenzie in the Flesh where I picked a few actors who I thought would be good for the role.  Well I haven't changed my mind but logistically some of them are tied up for a while with other projects. Aiden Turner would be a wonderful choice but he's playing dashing Ross Poldark for the next couple of years and Christian Bale is far too important now to do a lowly TV show! 

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