Friday, 13 February 2015

Outlander: Amazon Prime Is NOT A Valid Option!

In the UK we have been waiting for well over a year to hear news of not only when we get to see Outlander but the station it will be shown on. It's with a lot of disappointment that I found out yesterday that rather than making it available to the general public Outlander is only going to be shown on Amazon Prime!


I know of several long time fans of Outlander who aren't very internet savvy and will have no chance of getting access to Amazon prime. The elderly lady down the road has been asking me on a regular basis if I've heard any news and now I'm going to have to tell her that she won't be able to watch it until it comes out on DVD? She, along with many other fans, are going to feel let down by this choice. 

Basically my own experience of Amazon Prime is as follows: I took out a trial package before Christmas and out of all the movies and TV shows on there I could find only one movie to watch which hadn't already been on the TV. Once I'd got free postage on my Christmas presents I decided to cancel the subscription.  Amazon Prime isn't overly expensive but an additional £5.99 per month alongside the TV License and for some people a Sky subscription all adds up! 
The show is set in the UK and filmed in the UK using mainly UK actors and yet we are not going to be able to watch it unless we have internet access and take out an Amazon Prime subscription. 


Michelle Prinold said...

I have started an online petition -Please sign my petition to bring Outlander to uk tv!

Leigh said...

Went you can get it any other way us this

Leigh said...

Opps should read When you can't see it any other way use this!