Friday, 30 January 2015

When will Outlander be shown in the UK?

In December it was announced that Outlander would be shown in the UK "next year"! This is particularly vague as it not only doesn't give any indication of when in 2015 nor does it give any indication of which station it will be shown on.  Luckily I have ... ehem ... already seen it ... but there are thousands of other fans who are patiently waiting and are being very patient and understanding.  There is an elderly fan down my street who asks me for news every time I see her and I'm sure she thinks I'm lying about the TV series actually existing. I'm also getting fed up of telling friends, family and random people in the street (OK so I lied about the last part) how great the TV show is and then having to tell them that I have no idea when it's actually on  ... or which station! 

I know there are procedures which are put into place to make these announcement timely and well orchestrated but PLEASE LET US KNOW SOMETHING SOON! 


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pre-Order the Outlander DVD!

Outlander TV series has without a doubt been very very popular (even if it hasn't been shown in the UK yet!) and it comes as little surprise that it is already winning awards despite the first season only being half way through! I was however a little surprised that it's already time for a DVD release as it only seems such a short time since it was first shown on TV (not in the UK ... I'm not at all bitter!).

The Outlander DVD is available to pre-order from Amazon and will be  released on 3rd March. Looking at the subtitle it's season one volume one and includes the first eight episodes as well as additional extras!