Sunday, 20 October 2013

Grant O'Rouke cast as Rupert (Unconfirmed)

Although nothing has been confirmed by Starz about Grant O'Rouke being cast in the role of Rupert I think it's safe to say that it's true!  Firstly Graham McTavish made a comment on Twitter (which was subsequently deleted) about how he was enjoying working with Grant O'Rouke amongst others and secondly a fan made an image public of herself alongside Graham McTavish right in front of a board with the photographs of all the cast members. Under the image of Grant O'Rouke was apparently the name Rupert! 

I think Graham McTavish will probably not be in the good books of Starz this week! 

Anyhow Grant isn't a well known actor but has been in a handful of well known shows according to his imdb page. He's Scottish so that's an advantage and I can already see him asking Jamie if he bled!

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