Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Introducing Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser!

I'm sure all Diana Gabaldon fans can't have helped but hear the news that Starz has finally an actor to play Jamie Fraser!  The news has been announced officially today after a mighty mistake made the other day when he was named prior to anything being official i.e. contracts signed etc ...

Let me therefore introduce you "officially" to Sam Heughan!

[Youtube video clips are taken from "A Very British Sex Scandal" -  The full movie is here and is in five parts]

I've only seen Sam in this movie and a few experts from other TV work but overall he seems an excellent actor and I truly think he'll be an amazing Jamie Fraser! I feel as if I should have some kind of fanfare as it's seems literally years ago that I started thinking along the lines of an actor to play Jamie and it's FINALLY been decided and I'm so so so excited about it and relieved! I had nightmares that whoever was in charge of the casting would go for a famous actor to boost figure but instead they have really done the story justice by choosing a relatively unkown actor who encompassed everything which is Jamie!!!! 

Why do I like Sam Heughan so much?

  • He's Scottish
  • He's tall (6'3")
  • He's a really versatile actor
  • He's young enough to play 23 year old Jamie but mature enough to age
  • He's beautiful!
  • The most important thing however is that Diana Gabaldon was stunned by the audition tapes and if he's good enough for her he's definitely good enough for me!




Anonymous said...

This actor could be liked only by 16 year old girls, not elder woman that are mostly reading this book and imagine to see different type of man. I can't imagine that even man would like him in this role. Jamie is not a child, but a real man. Sam is too sweet to play this role.

Mrs Cookie said...

I'm a mature woman and find him very attractive! I have never seen Jamie as a muscle bound hulk of a man because that isn't how he is described in the books. He's long lean and muscular but without the steroid induced muscles we see on a lot of modern body builders.

He is very sweet looking and that's fine by me as he's playing a 23 year old not a 50 year old.