Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Outlander TV Series Casting Prediction

The recent bout of news regarding the Outlander TV series is nothing short of miraculous considering just how long we have all waited to see Jamie, Claire etc on our TV screens but we are still waiting that vital piece of information regarding exactly who will be cast in the role of Jamie Fraser and the rest of the characters who we love so much! Whilst we are waiting I thought I'd but my head on the block to so speak and tell everyone what my predictions are!

Jamie Fraser - He'll be a unknown actor who has had a few small parts in UK TV but is largely unrecognizable to most Outlander fans. He'll either be Scottish, Irish or English but definitely not American or Australian. He'll see Outlander as a massive stepping stone to jump start his career.

Claire Beauchamp - She will be better known that the actor who plays Jamie but still not an actress who is internationally famous. She'll definitely be English and will have worked on some larger British productions, probably period dramas. She probably won't be one of the multitude of actresses who have been thought of for the part but we'll all be fine with the choice once we think carefully about it. 

Frank Randall/Black Jack Randall - I have the feeling that this role will be taken by a more well known actor who we have all heard of.  There has to be some big names to grab the viewers attention and I'm thinking perhaps the Frank/BJR role will be given to someone such as Richard Armitage or even John Barrowman.

Dougal and Colum McKenzie -  I think this is where we will see the big names! I'm thinking of actors such Sean Bean and Dougray Scott to really bring a bit of experience and quality to the TV show. Even though the characters aren't always at the centre of the action they need someone who is convincing and a strong male actor will do this. 

Rev. Wakefield - Again I think they will put someone with experience in the role of Rev. Wakefield. Someone of the ilk of Jim Broadbent or another household name who will add experience to the mix. 

I am probably completely wrong but I have complete faith in the casting company and the writers to do an excellent job of choosing exactly who will fit the roles perfectly. They may not all be physically how we have imagined the characters to look but hopefully if they are talented enough when carrying out their job we will all be convinced! If they are talented enough they can become the characters!

However, one thing which I am sure of is that Jamie will not be played by either Chris Hemsworth or Gerard Butler! Chris Hemsworth is a huge Hollywood star and it would be impossible for him to tie himself up with a long running TV series and Gerard Butler could never, under any circumstances manage to make himself look so young! 

  [The image above isn't really relevant but I really love it! The image of Jamie is pretty much how I imagine him to look so I would be highly delighted if the chosen actor was similar to him - Original fanart can be found here]

Edited to add: I'm voting for Freya Mavor as Leoghaire! 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Outlander TV Series Casting Company and Official Twitter Page

We here nothing for months but now the momentum of the new Outlander TV Series seems to be snowballing! Hopefully it won't be too long until confirmation of casting choices starts to trickle through. 

Firstly a casting company has already been chosen and according to this blog! and it's surprisingly an Irish casting company run by a lady called Gillian Reynolds. It's a tad worrying that they are looking at Irish actors to play the main role of Jamie Fraser but I guess they know what they are doing ... I hope they do anyway.  The Gillian Reynolds Casting company were responsible for finding and providing actors for "Camelot" as well as working with some big names actors such as Colin Farrel and Cillian Murphy.  It's exciting news and it's even possible that they already have an actor to play Jamie as auditions took place on the 5th June. 

It has been announced today that a new Twitter account has been created to keep track of news of the TV series and it's Outlander_Starz hopefully they'll be adding new information as soon as it's released!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Outlander TV Series to begin filming this Autumn

It has been officially announced ... by Diana no less ... that she has signed the contract for the TV series and filming will be starting in September with a view to seeing it on your TV screens by the Spring of 2014!  The series is going to be sixteen episodes long but as of yet the casting choices are being kept under wraps. I'm assuming that they already have the main characters cast in the roles but honestly I really wish they would put us out of our misery!

This is the news I have been waiting for for such a long time and guess what? I'm suddenly really really scared in case it's terrible and I hate it.  The filming is starting this Autumn in Scotland which is really really exciting and if my kids weren't of school age I would be applying to be an extra!