Thursday, 27 December 2012

My latest Lord John Grey candidate

Am I fickle when it comes to choosing actors for the Outlander mini-series? I have to admit that Jude Law has always been the man I see in my head whenever John Grey ... sorry Lord John Grey ... comes onto the page but my mind was suitably blown away a few weeks back when I saw a suggestion on Tumblr that the awesome Lord John Grey could be played  by the equally awesome Tom Hiddleston!  Now before you go "the bad buy from the Avengers? Really?" think about it! 

You are probably thinking of ...


... but clean him up a bit and turn him into a blonde and you have ...

He's probably not the exact mental image most of us have of Lord John Grey but he is an awesome actor and I'm sure he would make Lord John come alive on the screen before our eyes. 

What do you think?