Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NEWS! Outlander Is Being Made Into A Series!

When I first started this blog I was quite happy to call it "The Outlander Movie" but the title is now a little redundant after the amazingly exciting news released yesterday! It's been a while since we have had any official word on seeing Outlander on our TV screens but it seems that plans are afoot to create a TV mini series!  Sony Pictures (I'm sure you've heard of them) along with Ron Moore and working on what we have all been waiting for! 

Ron Moore is the man behind Battlestar Galactia and he's worked on Roswell and Caprica so he has plenty of experience.  I was a little worried that most of his previous work was very sci-fi based and there was the chance of having far too much emphasis on the time travel mumbo jumbo but my mind has since been put to rest.  The great news is that Ron Moore has been a big Outlander fan for many years and has read and loved all the books. His recent tweet on the subject read: 

Big fan of @Writer_DG's Outlander books for many years, excited for the opportunity to do a FAITHFUL interpretation 

He has also spent the weekend visiting Diana to discuss the stories so he seems very dedicated!  I'm really pleased with this news and have great expectations of Ron Moore bringing Outlander to life on the screen as well as in our minds!