Thursday, 28 June 2012

Alex Pettyfer Grew Up

The English actor Alex Pettyfer was previously mentioned as a possible candidate to play the 19 year old William if one was needed for the movie/mini-series but common sense dictated that by the time any movie makers got to the point where Echo was put on film he would be too old. Others thought he would make a great Jamie but at the time I thought he was a little too young and a little too scrawny but guess what?   

 He Grew Up!

One of the aspects that I have long since realised with choosing possible Jamie candidates is that everyone wants to see a more mature Jamie rather than the younger,  more "innocent" Jamie that we first see in Outlander.  I honestly believe that we need two different actors in the role because no man can be both a 22 year old virgin and a 50 odd year old without an amazing amount of work in the make-up and special effects departments.

Unlike almost all other Jamie candidates Alex is an ideal age being just 22 and as a added bonus we get to see him in action in "Magic Mike" about male strippers which should give us an idea just how hot ... sorry I mean talented he is! He may be a little short at just 5'11" but with the right camera angle it may work.

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Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Jamie Fraser!! He is amazing! Watch the movie Faster. You'll see. See this link: