Monday, 26 September 2011

Are you going to savour them or devour them?

The next few months will soon be over and whilst I don't want to wish my life away both Scottish Prisoner and Lord John and the Plague of Zombies will be gracing my doormat before you can say "Dinna Fash, Sassenach!". Although I haven't even ordered them yet but that's another story.

I'm really curious where other people stand on this as my normal way of reading a Diana Gabaldon book is to ignore the rest of my family and devour the whole thing from start to finish but afterwards it leaves me feeling slightly depraved as I'm always left wanting more and my kids spend a few days wondering what happened to me. (They do have a Dad to look after them I'm not really neglecting them!).

My challenge this time to it .... wait for it ... read the new books slowly so that I can savour every last word! My theory is that if I read them slowly then I will get far more out of the story and that way the gap between the new Lord John books and Written will be shorter. 

Well that's what I'm going to do in theory but this is from the woman who had torn off the packaging of Snow and  Ashes and read the first page between picking it up at the post office and getting into the car which was parked approximately 10 yards away.

Patience is a virtue but apparently I have none!

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