Friday, 26 August 2011

Can Italian Daniele Favilli do a Scottish French accent?

I'm a huge Torchwood fan and even if I'm not particularly happy about the latest series due to the sudden "Americanisation" of it I'm still enjoying it.  Captain Jack Harkness is so unbelieveably sexy that is sometimes hurts to look directly at him but even if my husband tries to confuse me by calling both Black Jack Randall and Jack Harkness "Captain Jack" I'm still not put off.

Last nights episode saw a flashback scene with Jack meeting an Italian stallion for fun and frolicks (although it's now coming back to bite him in the bum is seems!). The said Italian was an actor by the name of Daniele Favilli and as soon as I saw him I was reminded of our Fergus.  Now I know that Italy isn't the same as France and I have no idea who old this actor is because he seems to have missed his age off every website I've seen on him but he's a cutie!


Anne Velosa said...

Based on the photo you posted, I can it work.

tdcheck912 said...

Thought he was great too - could see him as Fergus!