Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Scottish Prisoner Available For Pre-Order at Amazon!

It doesn't happen very often in life but today is a very special day in the world of Gabaldonia (I just made that up so my apologises regarding the naffness of it!) Today you can pre-order the latest Diana Gabaldon novel The Scottish Prisoner: A Lord John Novel on

For any Diana Gabaldon fans who don't know about this book, and it is possible that there are a few, it is set sometime in 1760 and therefore prequels most of the main Outlander books.  It is set during the period of time when Jamie is at Helwater and currently he and John are not on the best of terms (that I think is putting it mildly).  Chronologically it is set after Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade within the Lord John books and although there have been a handful of short stories in between that book and this I think it is fairly important for fans to have read Brotherhood first in order to know more of the background.  Readers of the later Outlander books will know that in the long term the two men gain trust and friendship and I believe that this novel goes a long way towards building that relationship.

If you are a regular reader of the compuserve forum or follow Diana on Twitter (writer_dg) you may have come across loads of very exciting excerpts from this book which I'm sure you'll agree is *almost* as anticipated at book eight in the main series!  I'm not going to post any spoilers on here because it would be very unfair for those who are avoiding them but for those of you who have seen them I'm sure you'll agree that this book seems to be a real gem!

If you plan to pre-order your own copy they should be with you some time shortly after the released date of 29th November 2011  ....

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