Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Inspiration For Jamie Fraser

Dedicated Diana Gabaldon fans will probably have heard all about the very early days of her foray into fiction writing.  How she decided to write a novel as practice yet had no idea what to write about until she was inspired to write a historical fiction by watching an old episode of Dr Who! Now original Dr Who episodes were very well known for making children (and some grown ups) hide behind the settee in terror but luckily for us Diana was brave and bold resulting in a momentous moment in literary history. Yeah I know that sounds far too dramatic but when she saw Fraser Hines dressed as a Scottish highlander it sparked something in her (it was the kilt) which steered her new novel towards the Highlands, a kilted warrior and all things Outlander.

So what was so special about this guy in his kilt I hear you ask?  Well I've delved into the archives (or rather done a quick search on youtube) and dug up this little video of the Doctors assistant who made it all possible ... Enjoy!

If you want to listen to how a Scottish accent really shouldn't sound watch this ...  If this isn't proof that we need a real Scotsman to play Jamie I don't know what is. No disrespect to Fraser Hines but he sounds as Yorkshire as I do in this clip!


Julia said...

I didn't hear any dialogue, only bagpipe music playing throughout the clip. The whole thing looked like the Beatles (circa A Hard Day's Night) gone Scots. Those haircuts!!! :)

Mrs Cookie said...

Julia - There's another youtube link near the botton of the post with dialogue. Fraser Hines is from Yorkshire, England and when I was growing up he was in a popular soap set in Yorkshire called Emmerdale Farm (still on TV now!). His Yorkshire accent apparently sounds very very much like his Scottish accent!

mcQker said...

LOL! Let's just say it's a good thing that Jamie Fraser evolved beyond the mop-top. :D

Italia said...

I couldn't love Jamie Frasure more. The book took off a little slow, but it peaked my interest enough to want to finish. I think the story line was loose; seriously, did the feminine John Grey really think he could MAKE someone cross Ireland with prison time promised(?!), but the story between Jamie and John make the book worth the read. It made me understand why they are best of friends in the Outlander series.