Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Outlander From A Man's Perspective!

My husband isn't a big reader but after much persuasion he finally agreed to read Outlander. The problem of course is that I missed him whilst he was ensconced upstairs in his own little world, or rather the Jamie and Claire world.  Why is it that he insists on asking me what is going to happen without actually wanting an answer? If I tell him he's going to be upset but if I don't he won't shut up about it. He is now beginning Drums of Autumn after finishing the previous book last month.

He has agreed unanimously that they are the best books he has ever read and he can't wait to see what happens. However, his attitude towards the stories and the characters was so very different to mine.

Whilst I see Claire as an independent modern woman my husband simply can't see why she won't "do what she's bloody told" and not "go galavanting here there and everywhere". Jamie has been stabbed, shot at and raped all because of her and her inability to stay in one place and not run off.  My husband does a great impression of Claire, (imagine a very high pitched squeaky voice), "Oh Jamie says I have to stay here .... I wonder why the lights are on in Gellis's house? I'm going to take a look". He claims Jamie has the patience of a saint!

If he finds Claire slightly annoying do you think there is any chance at all that he'll like Brianna and her not so subtle way of drawing attention to herself and making life difficult? Mmmmm .... I can feel more ranting coming on!


Karen Henry said...

Interesting comments! I always think it's fascinating to hear what male readers think of the books. Diana says she gets a lot of fan mail from male readers, including some in the military.

Really enjoying your blog so far. Keep it up!


Jules@OneBookShy said...

That is funny! My husband had pretty much the same reaction to Claire. He said that while she was the love of his life, she also gave him all of his gray hair. (Is it any wonder the hubby calls me his "Claire"?

Unknown said...

I just read this entry - so funny! I convince my husband to listen to the audiobooks, and he's about halfway through Outlander right now. He had the SAME reaction to Claire - LOL! His description of the plot is: "They have some sex...travel around...have some sex...fight with people...have some sex." Cracks me up, but it's really fun hearing his reactions to each new plot development - it's like reading it for the first time through someone else's eyes. :)

Anonymous said...

I love Clair for Jamie but man I thought the same thing. And I am an independent woman!