Saturday, 16 April 2011

Frank Randall And His Evil Twin ... Black Jack Randall!

(Yeah I know they aren't twins but it sounded like a good title!)

There is little doubt in anyone's mind that the actor who is cast in the role of Claire's first husband is going to have to double up and play the sadistic Jonathan Randall as well. After all if Claire stuggled to tell them apart at first then having two different actors in these roles will be ... just silly!

Who should play Frank and Jack in the movie? 

There have been numerous suggestions regard the English actor Jason Isaacs and I have to admit that his whenever I see the character he plays in "The Patriot" he simply oozes Jonathan Randall nastiness.  I don't feel however that it would be a good choice to play the part for two reasons. Firstly the role of Black Jack is far too similar to the role he played in The Patriot and I think most people would find it difficult to separate the two characters. The other reason is that he is far too old to be a convincing Frank at the age of 48. Although Frank was older than Claire I think a twenty year age gap would be pushing it slightly.

My number one choice for a Frank/Black Jack actor is English actor Richard Armitage. The beauty of using an actor such as Richard is that he has a wonderful ability to be either nice or nasty which would put him in very good stead for this duel role. 

He has been in a number of programs in the UK but I first remember seeing him in "The Vicar of Dibley" where he was Dawn French's love interest. He is astonishingly attractive and I can certainly imagine a young Claire Beauchamp being swept off her feet by him.

I only viewed him as being less than a cutie after seeing him play Guy of Gisbourne in the BBC's version of Robin Hood. I suddenly saw him in a different light and my first thought was "Just go for it Marion and forget about that silly outlaw" my second thought was "Oooo! Jack Randall".  

Here is a video of him being particularly evil.

... and here is a video of him being nice.



Belinda said...

I like this very much. He has a different look about him, but is definitely handsome.

mcQker said...

I love this choice!